Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?
Comfortable, fitted clothing that you can easily move around in.  The clothing does not need to be skin tight, but if it is too baggy your teacher will not be able to see your body and your fabric will get in the way.  Be prepared to practice barefoot.  Mats are available for hire.
What about water?
It is advisable to hydrate before practice but stop drinking water about an hour before practicing.  Drinking water during practice not only distracts you and potentially others, but it cools the internal fire that you’ve built during practice.
Is the practice heated?
We use heaters during winter to bring the temperature up, but do not add heat on already hot days.
Where can I leave my things?
We provide shelving and storage in both the men’s and women’s changing rooms.  As class begins, the instructor will lock the door to the studio.  We do not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items.
What if I am a beginner?
No experience? No problem! Start with our Vinyasa – Open Level class or Recharge, Restore, & Release.  After trying a few sessions of that, talk to your instructor and inquire about which class to take next.  And, regardless of experience level, you can always take Yin Yoga – which is great for every body.
Do you offer free trials?
No.  We do offer an introductory special in which you can purchase via this link.  This is only available on or before your first visit.
Can I extend my passes?
For specific questions about passes, please see our Membership Terms & Conditions.