Teacher’s Guide to Momence

Logging In

Your email is set for your login to Momence.  If you have not already registered your account, please visit momence.com/forgot-password to activate it.

Once you log in, you should be presented with the following screen.  Choose the option “Host front desk dashboard (Beyondbeing Yoga)”.

If your account does not have the correct permissions, please email Greg and use the login credentials taped to the back of the front desk.



Class Sign-In

Once you arrive at the Dashboard, it should look like the following image.  Select “Next Event” to take you directly to your class or “Upcoming Classes” in order to find the schedule.




To check-in students who have already booked online, just toggle the switch next to their name.

Unregistered and Drop-in Students

If someone has not booked in, follow the next steps to add them to the class list.

Step #1 – Search for their name.

Step #2 – Select their active membership or package to pay for the class.  If they do not have an active membership or package, proceed to thenext step.

Step #3 – Select “Open Point of Sale” to sell them a class credit, package, or membership.




Step #4 – If paying by cash, select “Cash” or if paying by EFTPOS, select payment type “Other” 

Step #5 – Select “EFTPOS” from the drop-down menu after collecting payment.

Step #6 – press Confirm Purchase

New Student Registration


Please direct new students to scan the QR code on the sign on the desk.

If they are having trouble scanning the QR code, please have them visit beyondbeing.com.au/register


Once they have submitted the registration form, refresh your class sign-in page and you will be able to find their account and sell them a membership or drop-in class.

Processing EFTPOS Payments

Collecting Liability Waiver Signatures